Blogging Habits!

Overall if your into gore Over on Seans blog he writes about blogging habits and it just got me thinking, now overall this blog is pretty amateur night and I haven’t really a clue about what I’m doing and my own personal writing would be the main reason why I don’t blog about serious things that matter or anything of any great relevance although I would hope that in time I can crank it up a gear or two. Listed below are some of the habits, both good and bad I’ve found …

Bad Habits

  • Consistancy! Probably the worst habit anyone blogging can have is keeping the momentum going, adding content just to keep a flow and that you keep the attention of possible audiences and then on top of that adding something that’s worth reading! Anyone who has clicked the occasional archive month would see although I started this a while back it did only serve as an online diary and I rarely if ever updated it!
  • Worrying too much! ‘Does this piece actually resemble what Twenty Major or Mully would put up’ – I look at other people’s blogs and admire their approaches and styles of writing, particularly their humour and setting my bar a bit too high, you do have to start somewhere I suppose and even the greats acknowledge that they look back at some of their earlier posts and cringe…I usually look back and delete or add to drafts 😦
  • Stats Stats Stats! Since adding the stat counter I’ve just become too fixated on number crunching! I had originally set out thinking ‘yeah il set it up and I don’t mind who visits’ but now im strangely drawn into who’s visiting , at what time and where they came from and thinking of ways into drawing more visitors. Same would apply to Comments too, I’ve had 2 comments on my blog and yeah I do take it to heart but alas it’s the whole field of dreams ‘if you build it they will come’ approach so fingers crossed .. With time ‘n all …
  • Themes and Templates – Always been a sucker for how a site looks and letting the content slip. I had a wordpress installation, lost the hosting and posts and in the end found blogger very handy for its purpose, integration with the likes of Google Docs / Youtube and such but very esaily get bored with how it looks, the colurs and the feel of it. I’ve always wanted a full width template with 2 small bar columns on either side and simple colour scheme but I’m still kissing a few frogs until I find the right one!

Good Habits

  • Well for one I enjoy it! (If thats even a habit!) I do get satisfaction out of keeping a blog. I started my original site which was and that went back to 1999 / 2000 and I had a small html framed site that I had a diary page and kept it updated every day and well to be honest it was the main reason people visited the site! I’ve even kept a wordpress blog on a local machine, not live but just a random blog I would jot down my thoughts or what ever was going on at the time. I would hope that at least if I enjoyed doing it that it would show in my posts.
  • Picture This! I had always just banged out a lot of typing without any sort of picture or logo reference. It makes it boring and just bland, of late I have been trying to spruce up my posting with at least a header image just to break the page up. Hotlinking / image theft? Yeah and the rest!
  • Fussy! Not having permanent access to the internet has made updating a bit of a pain and one thing I have always said to myself was that it would have to be something decent if I’d blog about it. If it made me smile or laugh then I’d pass it on but I have tried to steer clear of just posting for the sake of it. pend the money but a classic it ain’t!

Finding good habits is actually harder than i thought! It being early days at this stage i’m sure i’ll have more habits than a nunnery! It’s all about not taking it too seriously and not giving a fuck what anyone thinks!



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