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Have a great weekend!

Chances are i won’t be updating for the next couple of days as i won’t have access but have a nice weekend!

Check out some of the sites in my blogroll in the mean time : )



Dublin youtube?

Just thought i’d plug this site, sadly enough i read about it in the Fingal Independant and it’s actually run by a lad out my neck of the woods. Fair play to him, its a close match to the actual youtube site!

After a brief look it seems to be a lot of homemade mobile phone videos uploaded by people from Swords.


I don’t want to be a milkman anymore ted!

In a profession made sexy by Fr. Dougal Maguire i’ve been legging it around in the wee hours covering for my brother who’s a milkman so i haven’t had much time to update or be online.
I also had my Graduation in Dublin Castle on Wednesday, nothing major but i completed the Diploma in Computer Studies which was a long two years let me tell ya, i will post some pics up on to my Flickr.

Normal service will resume once i get my sense / sleep / life back!

Bruce Springsteen Dublin – RDS May 2008

Over on Ricks Blog he has tickets for the Boss’s upcoming gig that he’s giving away on his show today.
Looked up ticketmaster and was shocked that the tickets for the gig are a little shy of 100 notes each!

Now im not a concert going person to be honest but this is one of the concerts i would have wanted to go to, now il be on holidays as it happens but is there anything in this country that hasn’t sky rocketed in price!!


I thought i had escaped it…

The end of the 32, well ok 34 inch waist is on the horizon now that Subway have opened within stones throw from where i work! While working in Swords i absoloutly made a mess of myself eating their over priced sandwiches every lunch time but now i can’t escape it!

Blanchardstown and the area around the shopping center must be the coffee meca of dublin as there are 3 Starbucks within 200 meters of each other! One in the main center and one in westend Borders and now one beside the Plex! Seems like there is no avoiding over priced coffee these days!

Between subway and Burger king i may as well cancel my subscription to the gym!

Microsofts Guide to the Perfect Christmas Gift!

“Honey i know you wanted that sexy 2 piece in La Senza this year but instead i bought you 30% of Internet Faxing with Microsoft! What? No really it was no big deal…”

  • MyFax Internet faxing, 30% off
  • 6 must-have tools Excel pros use, $49
  • Create and convert PDF forms in Word, $14.50
  • Make flowcharts a breeze, $19.95

Just some of the things MS ‘suggest’ you buy your co-workers / employees and loved ones this christmas! I shit you not! I stick to the reliable ‘voucher’ or better still cash, a voucher that can be redeemed in all stores!


Google running live anti virus?

First time this has happened but Google halted me in my tracks entering a site due to the risk element. Above is a screen shot of what was displayed. Have Google been doing this for long?

In my own stupid way it actually made me want to go into the site as i felt a bit ‘big brotherish’, il cry tomorrow when this PC is riddled with malware! (ain’t my pc tho!!)