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Happy New Year!

To anyone who ever stumbled upon, half read, or left some random abuse I thank you and wish you a Great New Years Night and a wonderful 2008.

List of new years resolutions to follow!

Goodbye 2007….in the words of Neil Delamare…’This is gonna be great….’


Marry Our Duaghter!!

Oddly enough when i looked at the link i thought it read but with failing sight due to muchos guinness and lack of sleep last night i trundled on in…

So let’s get this clear, little suzie is a bit of a tear away and can’t be controlled so your responsible role as a parent is eh bang her up on a website with a fee around her neck and hope that some rich weirdo happened along the site that day…truely freaky!

Kristin J.
Age: 16,
Location: South

Bride Price:
$49,995Kristin has a wild streak. She likes parties and has spent more time with boys than we’d have liked her to. We had a family talk and decided that it was time she settled down with a man who could meet her needs and help her fulfill her dreams of being an actor or singer. She’s a bit fiery but worth it.

Kristen sounds lovely…and for a tad under 50k (bear in mind the great exchange rate at the moment!) she’s a steal, a real steal!

The F.A.Q. section makes for some good reading too…

A: We need to be able to follow up on the satisfaction of our customers, which is too difficult to do in foreign countries

gosh darnit there goes that nice exchange rate!! Do people seriously do this? I mean what ever happened to going onto a msn chat site and grooming a perfectly normal 16 year old girl and abducting her? oh yeah the parents don’t get the commission…


Wednesday, December 12, 2068

Thats the date im due to shuffle off this patch of clay they call earth! Now that i have this knowledge i must…

  • Cancel all Life insurances
  • Increase my pension
  • Delay any future hopes of reproduction
  • Break open my funeral saving fund (won’t be needing it for 60 years!)
  • Re-Mortgage ;p



Once in a while you come across a movie and think – WHY THE FUCK WAS THIS EVEN A MOVIE! I mean certain ideas should never have left the aul brain storming room…

TEETH tells the story of High school student Dawn (Jess Weixler) works hard atsuppressing her budding sexuality by being the local chastity group’s mostactive participant. Her task is made even more difficult by her bad boystepbrother Brad’s (John Hensley) increasingly provocative behavior at home. Astranger to her own body, innocent Dawn discovers she has a toothed vaginawhen she becomes the object of violence. As she struggles to comprehend heranatomical uniqueness, Dawn experiences both the pitfalls and the power ofbeing a living example of the vagina dentata myth.

Vagina dentata myth?

A quick look at the main site and you’d know that this film is just wrong. Oddly enough i found this tripe through the apple site…

fuck it i might aswel throw in a trailer for it aswell…

my god…


Pain in the Facebook?

Now that blogging is taking up most of my dead-time online i haven’t really bothered updating my bebo page as often as i would hoped and other bits and pieces have taken up my time and such and so on and so forth…

Now i remember registering on Facebook before so when a Request for a friend came in on the email i thought i’d give it a quick tumble again just to see what all the fuss was again. It seems to be popular and on the increase with members and quickly being on a par with bebo. But i don’t want to be on two social networking sites just for the sake of it? I have 2 friends on it and i toddled along to check out their pages and i have to say i find Bebo much much much more user friendly, the widget style blocks in FB seem to be well cluttered and not spaced and they seem to blend into each other a bit too much. At the risk of sounding like an old codger, it made my head hurt!

Do i need it? Will it make my life better? Probably not but neither will half the shit i use online!

Also i know i have only used it for the bones of an hour this morning but i wasn’t cool with not being able to hide my email address to the masses, i saw the only show to friends bit but even then i wasn’t cool with it! GRRR

#end rant (for now)

Happy Belated Christmas!

The day has passed , the turkey lyes dried out and decaying in the fridge until you can pawn it off to the next visitor. Your liver is aching and stomach forming ulcers from the mass intake of celebrations and tins of roses.
The presents you’ve received have either run out of batteries or their novelty (or both) and you are eying up storing it away and you know who you’ll give it to next year for their christmas present or birthday!

I did well this year! Well presents wise i did! The main presents i got woulda been the stylish Nokia N70 phone and tickets to Neil Delamare. Other than that i completely over indulged on booze and have felt shit since about the 23rd!

Thankful for the break however and was nice to catch up with people and family and such! Did i get the christmas buzz? Nah i don’t think so but i expected that, all new years is tends to be is a hyped up night out so won’t be looking forward to that too much! Reminds me i must start putting together my new years resolutions…

Magic backwards?

This prick should be changing table clothes in a hotel instead…

Amazing he can do the whole pull the tablecloth off the table without disturbing anything…eh in reverse?? good party trick…