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Why does this site exist!

Why does this site exist? WELL!

As long as I’ve always remembered I’ve had a website, originally an page, a geocities etc etc and all down the line! It’s only in the past few years that I’ve really discovered dynamic sites and the vast amount of software you can use to create cutting edge sites. I first registered in April 2004 and that was where I had my most popular site. By popular I mean by my standards! It had a lot of hits and visitors and whats more it had a lot of user interactivity! It was run on Php-Fusion and I had nabbed some free hosting off an old friend from IRC. Then along came Bebo and all of a sudden everyone had their interactivity on the social networking sites so my site then went dorment, it’s still accessible through but what is there currently is very much out of date and I had tried in a last ditch effort to revamp it by removing some of the wizardry but it fell by the wayside.

I set up my blogger account around the similar time and what I was trying to do was use it as a diary of sorts, the post by email feature was the key to using it as I don’t have net access from work.I posted on and off for a couple years and along the way I experimented with WordPress but I just simply could not get the post by mail feature working.

I had always been a regular visitor to some of the more popular Irish blogs, logging online I would always check! So I decided to re-spark the idea of maintaining a blog, where it will take me I don’t know! Am I a strong writer? I don’t think so but I like bringing things that caught my eye to other peoples attention and I would throw a rare piece that I wrote in for good measure too! This is what I like about the whole blogging culture, I can put something up and people can swing by and take a look and move off again. Blogging is purely content driven, there is no point in having a sharp looking blog with lots of wizardry if there is nothing worth looking at content-wise!

Ultimately down the line I would like to sway back to the WordPress set up. It offers much more control with the sites look and feel and this is always been a big thing with me. I like a site to look clean and professional with good features! Hopefully the content will develop also and I will lean a bit more towards writing what matters to me aswell as just the ‘bringing the best of the net’ type feel of site.

If you like what I’m doing here or you are in a similar setup then why not leave a comment or send me a mail and swap links!