Eastern Promises

Having seen the trailer for this film a while back I have to say I wouldn’t have been in a complete rush to hand over the sheckles for, rather wait for a decent rip to be made available. Why? Primarily because of the disaster movie that was ‘A History of Violence’ and since then I just can’t bear to watch ACTORS NAME, why? Because he’s a donkey!

The only thing that really sticks in my head about this film is that it’s just pure gore from the outset. Scorsese would have been well proud with the amount of arterial splatter and alpha male gangster style approach but in the end the main difference is it’s set in posh lil ol London and it tries to hard to be Donny Brasco.

Acting wise it’s amazing and they would all pass for Russian Mafia but on contrast the butter wouldn’t melt role played by ACTRESS is just a bit too Oxford-Werthers Original for me. Low points would be a ending that just kicks you out feeling ‘eh it just got good, why ruin it now, I have questions’ and a completely avoidable scene where he fights completely naked and just leaves you feeling as awkward as the naked wrestling scene from Borat the Movie.

Overall if your into gore spend the money but a classic it ain’t!

My Rating!


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