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Monday Morning Blues

Busy and tiring weekend all in all. Worked on Friday night to come home and find my best mate outstaying his welcome which was a bit of an off-putter. Up bright and early on Saturday to help move some stuff into her new apartment which took the whole day of sitting around and putting together lampshades, television stands and breaking up delivery boxes for about 7 hours.

Went out Saturday night for one of her mates birthdays and just was crap, I honestly didn’t have a good night. We barely spoke and its not as if I don’t get on with any of her friends I just wouldn’t go out of my way to talk to them is all really. Usually I would skull a few pints in a irresponsible fashion and then either boogie or just end up fighting with herself but knowing I had work the next day I just took It handy really.

Work on Sunday was handy enough, ended up just kicking the red bull into me and plenty of fresh air. Was chuffed that I got the new dvd software running and got to rip the entire first season of Rescue Me during the day.