Lodger Idol

Well I put my advert up on Daft.ie last night looking for a lodger so it starts now! The advert has run since 8 this morning and I don’t know if I was expecting a mass flood of calls but the only bit of interest I’ve received so far is one student from Nigeria who wanted me to set it up through the social welfare! Eh I think not! Next please!

In my head I think I have already sold the idea that the room will sell itself but maybe it will need a bit more of a sales pitch!

Will keep ya updated on how this works out for me!


1 Response to “Lodger Idol”

  1. 1 noah8th June 20, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Advice – Be careful – you can end up with a lodger that stays in your front room all the time and then YOU go to YOUR room in YOUR house for privacy!

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