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MovieStar dot ie

MovieStar dot ie

I had heard about tesco’s service off a friend of mine in England about the dvd rental and how they post them out to you and you post them back and once you do they take the next film on your request list and send it off to you. It sounded to be fairly decent but didn’t know there was an Irish equivilant.

The other half then said to me about the site and that they ran the same service for 9.99 euros a month, now for that fee you get one dvd sent to you and once you return the one you get sent your next one, there are other packages such as the 2 dvd’s at the same time for 14.99 euros a month etc etc you get the picture…

So I signed up for the service today at lunch time, the site is very user friendly, log in and add them to your list and it seems they post them out to you (fingers crossed!). I signed up through my account and I got 100 piggypoints and a 2 week trial of the service for free. I will keep this up to date on my findings of it on paper it does sound like a great idea and hopefully I’ll keep it going!

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Cold turkey anyone?

After a heavy christmas and new years and with every danger of turning into a prat with a few drinks installed, I’ve taken to using the ‘know the one that’s one too many’ mantra for my new years resoloution!

I have been off the drink for 15 days now, not one drop, not out in the pub or not sitting at home. Big Deal I hear you say and you’d be right but it’s amazing how so many things revolve around drink! Cinema? Pint Before? Meal? Bottle of Wine, Pint After? Ordering a chinese at home? Few bottles of beer? Work do? Drinks after work on Friday?

Mostly because over the christmas period the drink was turning me into someone I didn’t want to be too easily and to detox and to save the few bob aswell!

Well it’s day 15 and the main difference I can notice would be the morning times, I find it much easier to get up in the morning and I find it much easier to get asleep at night.

Will keep updating to the day that I eventually fail and sip down a cool frothy brew…

Insure this…

One of the many bills through my letterbox this month was my Motor Insurance which i had with AXA. I’ve been with them for 2 years now, full license, low engine blah blah blah, now i’m not the prefered age of 25 yet but last years quote of 950 was better than previous years so i stuck with them as i believe in customer loyalty paying off.

This years quote of 892.00 euro was an aul shock to the system to say the least! A measly drop of 58 euro – i had expected it to be around the 700 mark but this was just way off.

So a prompt call to Quinn-Direct and giving them my details, after much deliberation by the guy on the phone. I had a policy with them in my first year but cancelled it due to AXA poaching me with a 2500 less policy!

So the final figure Quinn settled on was 645.00 euro! I mean the difference is just staggering! Not only that but they have a very low interest rate on the direct debit option, 40 quid for the privilege which i will probably go for, just for the lack of hassle involved!

So my advice to Motorists, i hate when people say this but the key to getting the best value for your money is SHOP AROUND!

To lodger or not to lodger

To lodger or not to lodger

Just a quick rant of sorts really. Kind of at my wits ends would describe where my mind has been over the past month or so with regards to money and savings and money I owe kinda thing. It has gotten on top of me a lot and I’ve tried chopping and changing figures as I see fit to try and optimize the way I spend money, I’m far from the worst spender of money and I have a healthy history of saving but unforseen circumstances has seen me lumbered with a high volume of debt.

I was certain that I wouldn’t need to take someone into the house to help with the money aspect but I was sitting in my sisters last night and I have to say she COMPLETELY sold me on the idea. Whether it was the way she put it or how it all clicked into place with whats going on in my life at the moment but I just cant seem to get it out of my head.

I had first worried if I went for it my girlfriend wouldn’t go for the idea, I think she see’s the place and knows its nice to have the place to ourseles kinda thing but brass tax will be the deciding factor! Well I broke the news to her and she was very supportive about the whole thing! The only condition she had was that I didn’t get a girl in – not that I have a problem with that now I have to say. She even went and priced all the stuff I’d need in argos! It’s gone from an idea now to I want this to happen, I’d safely aim for this all to go ahead for the 1st of February.

When I look back about how closeminded I was about the whole thing when I bought the house It kind of startles me. I suppose it’s best I do this now to earn a few quid while im still not married or have kids (touch wood) and am still young free and single! Well for the time being…wait until I get Brad Pitts equivilant in to rent a room….