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KC Easy

Just a plug for the bit of software i found. Especially good for music downloads. It connects to the following share networks to speed up your searches and downloads.

* Gnutella (Shareaza, Gnucleus, LimeWire, Bearshare, XoloX)
* Ares (Ares Galaxy, Warez P2P)
* OpenFT (A new network developed by the giFT project)

I found it handy for getting once off songs etc. I think Limewire on its own has tainted a bit, every search seems to throw up porn or illegal material. This has the beauty of an all in one window for all the above servers! A must try…



You have to start somewhere.

Indeed so here i am, blank canvas and all that!

It is hard to know what to write about, i have been browsing other peoples blogs and now i realise how un-easy it is! A couple of clicks has you creating one but putting it all together is another matter!

I will sit tight for the time being and flick around untill i find what i want to do…

Adding to your RSS Reader!

A real handy way of knowing when i update the site here is by subscribing to my sites feed. There are lots of software you can use to download a sites RSS feed but the handiest way i do it is by using Google Reader. If you have a google account it’s just a click away to set up, click under Products and then you can add your most favourite feeds.
Once you log on again it will go out and grab all the updates from the sites you set it to watch. handy dandy? I think so!

This site For a good explanation of what RSS is:

Click the link below and you can follow the directions given about how to set it up!

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November / December 2007 – Minima Wide

November / December 2007 – Minima Wide