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Vista This!

With the upcoming launch of MS Vista in Dublin on the 5th I’m hitting rock bottom by way of trying to nab myself an invite.

Yesterday i skulked down to the I.T. department to see if anyone there had received an invite and didnt want to go but all their invites were for the daytime launch. Also i just got told to go to and register there so no luck on that avenue!

All thats really making me want to go is the fact that you get a free copy of Vista by going, i’m sure i can just download a copy in the internet cafe, not that i have a machine to run it on. XP tends to crawl on my laptop! Plus it’s still in beta so its probably full of holes!

Would’ve been nice to get to see Neil Armstrong though…


An ode to Google!

It’s not like me to sing the praises for software but I’m a huge fan of googles webmail Gmail. Still in Beta and with over 2 gigs of space for all your junk and a great search feature it knocks the likes of Hotmail and yahoo mail to the kerb!

Now you can access your gmail from your mobile and it’s all simplified for handset and PDA access with the same cool functions only with a minimum bandwidth. On further clicking around on my nokia 6680 they have a ‘faster email’ for your mobile, currently limited to only nokia 6680 but it instals GMAIL onto your phone so you can have a mini application running to check your email, very nifty and very handy!

Worth while giving it a try if you have the Nokia 6680 (Dont know iif it works on other handsets).

Also worth noting is i am on Vodafone prepaid service and just to login and check your mail costs 50c credit…for every cloud, there’s a silver lining that will cost you money!

Rel link:

how quick we are to judge!

The above struck me over tea break this morning when i was sat down and the conversation started about the shooting that happened yesterday in Swords. Now it’s probably best to start this by saying i am the only guy at the table when we go to tea so i can partially understand why conclusions are jumped to or people take up the thinking that they do.

Basically i knew as much as the person on the street, someone who had listened to a few broadcasts on the news and the radio, the same as my colleagues. Pretty much instantly the conclusion was met that it was the husband that had hired out a contract killing on the wife and wasn’t it terrible.

Now i’m of the thinking that no matter what he or she did, NO ONE deserves to get shot in the manner (or any manner for that matter!) that she did and certainly doesn’t deserve to die either but i also like to think i can look at something with a bit more balance also!

So i aired the idea that maybe it wasn’t the husband, then on finding out that the husband is currently in jail and that he was the worst thing since sliced bread! Immediately shot down for having thought this and even worse accused of sticking up for him just because he was a guy! So i reversed it and asked why people would side with the wife just because she was shot, in violent cirlces it’s fair game to think that nobody pays thousands of euro to kill someone over a misunderstanding or something small, i put the idea out there that maybe the wife had been linked with the criminal underworld and no body knows at this table what her background was.

This was quickly agree to but with the wishy washy attitude of ‘yeah but…’

Now i watch my fair share of Matlock, Murder She Wrote and Law and Order and it’s nice to always think the best of people but something in this situation it’s amazing to see how fast people are to jump on the bandwagon and put the noose around someones neck without knowing all the facts.

Is it a country where you are guilty until proven innocent? If the 8 people i had tea with this morning are anything to go by you would want to have some pretty hard evidence to prove yourself!

I was told, ‘i hope you never get put on a jury…’ – how this made me laugh and i was like a dog with a bone when it was said! Maybe my problem was never chose the opposing argument when faced with 8 women early in the morning, you cant win!


Over ruled….