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So this is christmas…

So this is christmas…

And what have we learned?

Right well it’s the run up to my great holiday in gran canaria, and without going into too much detail, I’ve changed the locks of my house, I’ve tried to arrange a 25k loan and on the upside I am feeling relatively cheery!

Not really prepared for this holiday season (hate when yanks call it that!), I’ve gotten the one or two presents out of the way, I haven’t bothered shopping for food as It makes not one bit of difference what time of the year it is, I probably won’t eat anyway!

So I think I have suitably burned enough bridges in the past couple months to deserve the kind of christmas im going to have. What bothers me is how much now I will come to rely on my partner, and knowing me , with my trusting abilities something has to give!

It’s whats called as a play it by ear type situation! And I’ve got an ear ache 😦