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Want to know me? Come live with me!

In this instance seen as I’m not living with anybody, it’s turning into a time where i’m learning a lot about myself! I’m sitting in a gorgeous 3 bedroom house watching a plasma telly drinking a fine bottle of Wolfblass full bodied red with the feet up on my new couch and i crack a half decent joke about something said on telly and i look around and i’m talking to myself.

I would be going to great lengths to explain how i got here but never the less i am here! Living and Happiness now has turned in to a dog eat dog who do you trust situation. In a time where my ‘friends’ are few and far between and if they aren’t abusing our friendship they’re taking complete advantage of me. This all came to light when, under the influence of many a pint, i told my brother the things that have gone on. His response wasn’t favourable. Now i’m a happy go lucky kind of person, i dont like confrontation and maybe at times i am a push over but it’s only now i am realising that buttons are being pushed and lines are crossed.

This should be a great time for me right now, my house , i have money to put things into it, i have a woman, a good woman at that, a family who support and help me out at every turn and life is good. But it doesnt explain why i have this void feeling that hangs over me. Early life crisis? My dad reckons its a natural reaction after buying a house that there is a degree of panick where you think your life is over. I know that feeling is definitely subsiding right now but still it continues. Could be exhaustion from working too hard, pushing my time on every side possible and over pushing myself and burning the candle at both ends.

Here’s hoping that when these clouds push by that the silver lining is clearly visible and here to stay!


Red Bull gives you Wi..a small claims court appearance and jail time!

Recent youtube videos showing Bse Jumper Cedric Dumont BASE jumping off 3 prominent Irish Landmarks might see him being sent straight to jail not collecting 200 euro on his way passed GO!
Authorities who have seen the video’s including the ESB and NTR (National Toll Roads) have forwarded their concerns and complaints to the Gardai.

I wouldn’t feel like sharing my opinion on the videos as i personally don’t see the point in jumping off something so low to the ground with a parachute, now without a parachute and i’d be front row popcorn n all!

TCAL Covered the article in the Sunday Times and have the videos posted too