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Marching Band Geekary!

Actual footage of a marching band re-enacting Tetris and Pong! Worth a watch


The kid is a legend!

If you only watch one thing on Youtube today this should be it! The back ground is this punk put an open invite up on MySpace for a party he was throwing and little did he know that 500 people would turn up and trash the place!

Nothing funny there i hear you say, well the news anchor having a go at the kid is brilliant and his responses are so dry and brilliant, i near wet myself!

News Anchor: After all this bother and the fine of 20 thousand dolla’s, what would you say to any kids who are thinking about throwing a party without their parents consent?
Kid: Gimmie a call, i’ll organise it…

what balls..

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt (J. Cash)

Worth a plug, don’t like N.I.N. but sure the song is good good good!

The Ex

When the dvd box in xtra-vision says, “so funny you will wet yourself” I had taken it literally and once home got the bubblewrap and sponge at the ready. Had seen some of Zach Braff’s ventures to big screen and hadn’t really thought them all that good. His role in Scrubs is outstanding and the show wouldn’t be the same without him but I feel he doesn’t translate all that well into serious roles.

So I was expecting big and wet things when I put this in (oooh I say matron) but was just disappointed from start to finish. It leads me to the conclusion you should

  1. Never go by the popularity ratings on the xtravision website
  2. Never believe the young wan working behind the counter when she says ‘Oi split meeself laughing so I did’ (obvious she left the more attractive, intelligent side of her at home then…)

Its your average guy has hot girl, they have kid, guy is free spirit, hates job, parents get involved, new job with hot girls ex, wheelchair, kid eating burger yada yada. If I explained it any more I would be insulting both of us.

Safe to say, if I was you I wouldn’t rent this in a fit and would feel even worse if I had caught it in the cinema! If my review doesn’t put you off enough, please watch the trailer…

Aged 1 – 100 hitting a drum!

Personally i haven’t seen such shit collaboration since Madonna hooked up with Britney and Christina on stage but if you have a minute to spare hit play. I enjoyed it thoroughly

Traffic on O’Connell Street, .circa 1987

Well it’s really from India (“not a developing country” – said with annoying finger quote gesture)

World Record Longest Slam Dunk

There are probably 101 things you wont need to see this weekend , this is probably one of them but I think its worth burning your eye sockets for..