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Pedal-Car Gets Pulled Over By Toronto Cops.

This is very funny and worth a watch, imagine this in Dublin City Center the “Traffic Corp” wouldn’t have a fucking clue!

Condom Song

In my opinion much better than the Irish ‘when you walk through the garden of eden..’ attempt! At least i got a giggle out of this although this music proves that they should really only stick to providing us with customer service and hot big brother contestants! ( i dont like indian food! )

River Dance Monkeys (Remix)

Should Flattely be scared??

Why the fuck not!

Iraq speed bump, land mine

This is amazing ,a mortar round lands SHIT close to a US convoy….They dont train you for that!

Lodgerville population me is going so far so good! He arrived into my job to pick up the key and promptly handed over 700 sheets and went on his way. Did my tour and headed home to find all his gear in and a bit over the place and sitting watching the box having a beer. So i head on in to him and he’s drinking a can of Tuborg, I’m there thinking ‘this better not be my can of Tuborg!’ otherwise this guy has gotten off to an unbelievably cheeky start!

All is well when i check the fridge out and i crash with a beer too and just start the usual chat about how the weekend was and small talk. Relief to find out that he has one or two chick stories to tell me about his weekend which means that item of annoyance number 2 on the list is out the window – he officially is not a steamer! (not that there would’ve been a problem had he been gay!)

Hopefully it will work out , anything will be better than the Irish guy I had in the last time! Will keep updated!

The last of the 8 pints or so i had on Tuesday night is now clearing the system and other than a bit of lazy leg I’m definitely on the mend! Just goes to show that you should never venture out to the pub on a school night! Other than that it ended up being a very uneventful day yesterday!

Work is a bit of a drought with not a lot of work to go around which just makes the day drag on really! Been spending a lot of time using the Internet on the mobile which is handy but there isn’t a lot of wap enabled sites around, I’ll get around to maybe blogging up some of my favourite sites of note! It just goes to prove that mobile Internet is very much slowly taking off. They have increased the bandwidth and speed of connection for mobile devices but its all the same when you have nothing to download!