Mail Order Driving Licence!

It smells to high heaven but seemingly you can obtain a fully legal drivers licence through a website.

Rhe website asks customers to send a photograph, a signature, a copy of a current driving licence or passport and a €400 fee.

Which in all fairness isn’t a bad price if you calculate in instant savings on Car Insurance, driving lessons and infact sitting the test! At first look the site looks well dodgy and then you click on the testimonials and then it comes apparant..

Simon Edge

Simon Edge – I am getting married this year and I know it is going to sound funny but I owe it you people. My fiance lives 40 miles from where I live she works for the same company I do, I would never of got the job if it wasn´t for my driving licence. I work for a courier company and she works in the office as a secretary. Ace!

A nice touch i feel with the ‘blacking out’ of the eyes, im sure no one will recognise “Simon Edge” at all you faker baker! You look like a child porn peddler of the highest order! Why would anyone live 40 miles from their job?!

Don’t ya know someone has to ruin the party though…

The Consumers Association has warned the public against purchasing one of these licences.

The association’s Chief Executive, Dermot Jewell, said the legality of these licences were questionable.

bah humbug…we should give everyone free licences, surely that would solve the problem on the roads and waiting times for driving tests? surely ? 1970’s eh?

Get your Licence

Link (rte)


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