One in four suffers workplace bullying stress

Was shocked to hear this little gem! I am the only male in the office at my grade, there or there abouts and also the youngest in the office. So by their reasoning I would be bullying the people who work below me? Or am I singled out and bullied due to my age?

What about the office who conducted the survey in the Samaritans? Does the same apply? Are 1 in 4 Samaritans bullied?

The study of 2,100 UK workers and 500 from Ireland found that managers, clients and customers were most responsible for the bullying, with younger staff the most vulnerable.

AHHH only 500 people surveyed in Ireland! Pretty sensationalistic of them! I mean if I talked to ten people and asked them do they lead a healthy lifestyle and if only 4 of them said they did could I be expected to run a headline saying that 60% of Irish people are obese and fat? I probably wouldn’t be wrong though . . . probably!



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