Lorcan Malone – My Super Sweet Sixteen (stone of horrendous shite)

The nation seems to be swept up with some little runt who appeared on My Super Sweet 16 on MTV recently. Ya know? The show that rail-roads their parents into spending shit loads of money on ungrateful brats by putting together parties and events that Bob Geldof would himself struggle to organise!

I first heard of this in November when Lorcan’s dad appeared on Matt Coopers Last Word and even the dad sounded like a tool of the highest order, couple that with Marr not knowing what the fuck a sweet sixteen was at all or who ‘mmm teee veee’ were. Link below to actually watch the show, now bear in mind the normal american version is cringing and funny, this is sick as its an irish teenager acting the diva.

you know what i did when i was sixteen? huh? I WENT BOWLING! and i fucking well enjoyed it!

The little tyke has a bebo page tracked down by mulley himself. In the photos section i was drawn to comments on a particular photo, i think this comment is priceless!

Tickle-My-Clit said… 18 hours ago

How u managed to embaress an entire country in a meer 30 minutes of tv i doubt i will ever understand……. How u acted was both childish and imature. Your parents i would imagine are both shocked and apauled at your behavoir on national television. You have cast aspersions on ireland as a country and depicted the once idolized irish people in an unimaginable fasion. This in my opinion is absalutly deplourable. I hope you are happy for both embaressing your fellow citizens and dragging your countries name through the dirt…… If you ever see me i would strongly advise you to run away in the opposite direction as i am deeply angered from the shame which you have brought apon this country.

Well “Tickle-My-Clit” you may have a point! However true i might say that all of the above is true, I think this guy needs to invest in spell-check! After running this through Google’s Translate programe i could only decipher some of it, best of luck if your having trouble understanding it!

At least we now know that the Northern Bank money went to a good cause. Lorcan in my view is whats wrong with this country. That and the health system.

I mean what have the romans ever done for us eh

Lorcans Bebo
Watch when MTV visited Ireland


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