Keyboards of the future

The above is something you might have seen on star trek only a gazillion times smaller but this site has the 10 most strangest keyboards. I thought that keyboard that split to make sure you typed properly years ago was freaky, you really need to take a butchers at some of these!

My prizewinner that at least smells futuristic is this one:

How very robocop of them…kicks ass tho!

The Virtual Keyboard is a laser keyboard. The unit is the size of a cigarette lighter, and uses Bluetooth technology to connect it with your pc. The keys are all illuminated onto a flat surface. You can simply type from there. Although the lack of feeling to the touch of the “keys” may not be same this is the ultimate space saver, and shows promise of many similar products, be it computer products or not, to come from this technology. You can get your hands on one of these for around $150.

Not bad value in my opinion…



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