Ladies and Gents i give you "Hairy Links"

Any blogger will tell you there is a lot more material out there than can be digested and even though I trawl through my reader and the t’internweb I still wouldn’t have time to bring you the delights that tickle my fancy so what I propose is and what seems to be common is bring you a post once a week as a more round up of what I reckon is worthy of a post.

It will be a mixture of all sorts similar to Mulley’s fluffy links. I would hope to publish it every Friday. So we’ll kick it off with this batch.

Metro Blogging brings us the winking Gerard Fleming in the form of Google Maps

Roy introduces us to the 1400 euro Nano (no not the ipod, the cheapest production car on the planet)

A 5 year old put on a no-fly list and accused of being a terrorist – only in America

I started the ball rolling with my Mickey Post, Rick took the baton and then The Chancer got a hold of it and passed it back to Rick and now seemingly The Chancer are looking for a bit of Muff!

Mulley introduces us to an early competitor in the dumbest driver for 2008

In a bad week for everything to do with rail, they stiff us and then as a weird twist of fate, they get stiffed!

Vote for Ricks show at the Meteors

If you haven’t already do vote in the Irish Blog Awards

See how Jeremy Clarkson liked his humble pie

Great Windows RSS Reader Feed Demon is now free!


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