Google is a terrible tool in the wrong hands! Don’t ask how i eneded up on this page but rather marvel at the imagination that is!

Here, you can read the truth about Baby Smashers, which are available to the public all over the nation under the guise of “Baby Changing Stations”. exists to provide the public with a means of spreading the truth about Baby Smashers – educating more people about the true use of these devices.

At this stage i’d be backing my way to the door too but you have to admire the person who can try sell you a the conspiracy theory that the government in fact installs instruments of death and has them pass as regular joe-every-day devices!

While one of the obvious advantages of the nation-wide installation of Baby Smashers is population control – this spread of disease to adults is an unwanted side effect. Furthermore, as the number of children born out of wedlock continues to remain high, and the number of children born to unfit, uncapable parents does the same — we at feel it is time to alert more of the general public to the existence and use of Baby Smashers.

Brilliant thinking or psychotic tendancies? i’ll let you decide…



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