Irish Young Scientists Exhibition 2008

Today sees the kick start of this years Irish Young Scientists Exhibition being held in the RDS, Ballsbridge. The exhibition has attracted over 500 stands with far ranging projects to the hierarchical structure or turtles to why some people are better multi-taskers than others.

I took part in the exhibition many years ago with some project about how the internet adds to the value of an Irish small to medium sized business, complete sinker but had a great week!

Listening to the radio this morning and a young girl from Loreto on Stephens Green talking about her above mentioned project on the hierarchical structure of turtles made some good listening:

GIRL I have turtles and I wondered why one of my turtles had eaten the other one.
INTERVIEWER So you wanted to investigate whether there was some social structure to the hierarchical structure of turtles. What did you find?
GIRL That there was, it may not be true of all turtles because that would mean we would have to get a lot of turtles.
INTERVIEWER So the reason your turtle ate the other turtle would suggest that there is a higher structure ? (blood from a stone moment)
GIRL Yes I asked the man in the pet store and he said it wasn’t unusual that one turtle would eat another.
INTERVIEWER Um eh Thanks for joining us…

Maybe the jaysus turtle was hungry! Maybe the man from the fuckin’ pet store should’ve been there! Anyways it’s a great eye opener into technology and the wonder of science so head along! Spot the kids with the talent and spot the ones just on the doss!

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