Miniature Horses Anyone?

One night out I can really recommend to anyone is a trip to the Dogs. We headed off for the evening on Saturday to Shelbourne Stadium for a night of K9 adventure. We’d been before with a few friends so we knew what the general story was. It is a great starter for a night out if your bailing into the city for a night of debauchery but we were content in seeing the bow wows leg it around and head off home after.

I put the aul minimum bet (which has been increased from 1 euro to 2 euro) on a dog in every race, BIG SPENDER I hear you chant! But worked out a good laugh and won back most of the money I had spent which was handy!

I would advise to go early as seats are like gold-dust after the half six mark. A tenner in and you cant go wrong for 3 or 4 hours entertainment! (unless you want to borrow Ben Hur from Xtravision, but why would you want to do that huh?)



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