Future of Dublin Airport – Terminal 42 – 2069

Was reading twentys post and it just got me thinking, i mean back in primary school or late 80’s or early 90’s no one could imagine what the world would be like in 30 years, 2010 or even 2020, the place would be run by robots, cars would hover and we would have robots with artificial intel and they would wait on us hand and foot – where has it gone!? I don’t think i’ve ever seen one human sized robot, let alone one that would come near artificial intel!?

Infact the closest i think we’ve come to anything is the nintendo wii? We have cars that travel on a rapidly vanishing commodity, the ice is melting so all that evoloution better provide us with is the ability to float (i know but in a longer fish like state) or grow a bouyancy aid.

The picture above is taken from a drawing from 1939 (i shit you not) about how airports tomorrow will look. I mean that was an accurate (ish) guess as it’s pretty close to the truth in some ways!

So what are we imagining for 2060? 2070? At a grasp? Electric powered cars? Realistically i doubt you’ll have wifi coverage in most parts in Ireland but what do this generation of youngsters think the future is going to be like?

Maybe this blogging has turned me into a skeptical old fart, or maybe im just reading twenty’s blog too much…



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