I Am Legend

Last night I toddled along to Movies @ Swords and the choice was put to me, either we go see PS. I Love You or we go see I Am Legend. Now I know this looks like a no brainer but to be honest, after seeing the trailer first time of IAL I thought it looked brilliant but then once I heard it was about ‘zombies’ etc I wasn’t so interested and then I read some of the reviews of it and although it did well in the States it was getting dogged left right and center! But there was no way I’d go see PS. I Love You so Will Smith was the obvious choice!

I have to say I was pleasantly shocked with the film, I knew the CGI would be good having seen the trailer and it lived up to expectations, seeing New York transformed into a derelict city was very realistic and at times breathtaking (too strong?).

The story (loosely) puts Mr Smith as the last survivor of a human made disease in NYC and as he struggles to find a cure for the disease. I won’t completely spoil the surprise of the ‘zombies’ but the film is jumpy in parts and a tip of the hat has to go to Will Smiths side-kick dog.

The film certainly kept the better half hiding behind the popcorn for a while and was jumpy in parts and well timed suspense will keep you jittery at the right times. Will Smith plays a great role and is believable throughout. Better then some of the films I saw in 2007 and hopefully a mark of things to come in 2008!

I would definitely recommend this film to anyone a cinema view and not a dvd release!!
Here’s the trailer…

Link (official site)


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