Marry Our Duaghter!!

Oddly enough when i looked at the link i thought it read but with failing sight due to muchos guinness and lack of sleep last night i trundled on in…

So let’s get this clear, little suzie is a bit of a tear away and can’t be controlled so your responsible role as a parent is eh bang her up on a website with a fee around her neck and hope that some rich weirdo happened along the site that day…truely freaky!

Kristin J.
Age: 16,
Location: South

Bride Price:
$49,995Kristin has a wild streak. She likes parties and has spent more time with boys than we’d have liked her to. We had a family talk and decided that it was time she settled down with a man who could meet her needs and help her fulfill her dreams of being an actor or singer. She’s a bit fiery but worth it.

Kristen sounds lovely…and for a tad under 50k (bear in mind the great exchange rate at the moment!) she’s a steal, a real steal!

The F.A.Q. section makes for some good reading too…

A: We need to be able to follow up on the satisfaction of our customers, which is too difficult to do in foreign countries

gosh darnit there goes that nice exchange rate!! Do people seriously do this? I mean what ever happened to going onto a msn chat site and grooming a perfectly normal 16 year old girl and abducting her? oh yeah the parents don’t get the commission…



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