Pain in the Facebook?

Now that blogging is taking up most of my dead-time online i haven’t really bothered updating my bebo page as often as i would hoped and other bits and pieces have taken up my time and such and so on and so forth…

Now i remember registering on Facebook before so when a Request for a friend came in on the email i thought i’d give it a quick tumble again just to see what all the fuss was again. It seems to be popular and on the increase with members and quickly being on a par with bebo. But i don’t want to be on two social networking sites just for the sake of it? I have 2 friends on it and i toddled along to check out their pages and i have to say i find Bebo much much much more user friendly, the widget style blocks in FB seem to be well cluttered and not spaced and they seem to blend into each other a bit too much. At the risk of sounding like an old codger, it made my head hurt!

Do i need it? Will it make my life better? Probably not but neither will half the shit i use online!

Also i know i have only used it for the bones of an hour this morning but i wasn’t cool with not being able to hide my email address to the masses, i saw the only show to friends bit but even then i wasn’t cool with it! GRRR

#end rant (for now)


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