Happy Belated Christmas!

The day has passed , the turkey lyes dried out and decaying in the fridge until you can pawn it off to the next visitor. Your liver is aching and stomach forming ulcers from the mass intake of celebrations and tins of roses.
The presents you’ve received have either run out of batteries or their novelty (or both) and you are eying up storing it away and you know who you’ll give it to next year for their christmas present or birthday!

I did well this year! Well presents wise i did! The main presents i got woulda been the stylish Nokia N70 phone and tickets to Neil Delamare. Other than that i completely over indulged on booze and have felt shit since about the 23rd!

Thankful for the break however and was nice to catch up with people and family and such! Did i get the christmas buzz? Nah i don’t think so but i expected that, all new years is tends to be is a hyped up night out so won’t be looking forward to that too much! Reminds me i must start putting together my new years resolutions…


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