Tommy Tiernan

As a surprise for my birthday we headed into see Tommy Tiernan in Vicar Street last night which was i was looking forward to. Now i had filled myself with booze the previous night so i was very much under the weather but had started to feel more alive once we hit Vicar Street.
The support act was Tommy’s cousin Elanor Tiernan and as female comedians go she was very good, very dry but got the crowd nicely warmed up!

Then for the main man himself, he was his usual explosive self on stage and everyone in the place knew we were set for a high-octane Tommy performance! Previously in the press Tommy’s show had been criticised heavily for some of the material he had used, namely he had a lot of gags aimed at Down Syndrome kids and all well and good i had gone with an open mind but from the outset Tommy explained to the crowd about the contraversy that the show has attracted and to a rapturous applaus he said he would be keeping the material in. In the end when it came around to the gags i could understand why people were getting a bit nose out of joint with it, i will agree there were parts that were funny but after about ten minutes it was like watching a car crash.

What followed after was good material, a bit blue sometimes but a great laugh none the less, i would equal some of the weird stuff as having your dad joke about having sex to you and your mates, a tad bit embarassing but sure you better laugh or your a prude! His set didn’t last long, at max an hour and a half, no encore and we were booted out a little after 11pm. Wouldn’t be in a rush to buy the DVD i have to say!

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