How many ways to review a Bic Biro!

One of the better ones…

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3.0 out of 5 stars Wait for next release, 17 Dec 2007

This new Christal ballpoint pen I got is wonderful.
The best part of this compact and versatile text processor system is that it works wireless. True wireless. No need to look for a wall mount, no playing around with converter-plugs when you’re in a different country with different power and phone plugs. Even better, it is so perfectly wireless that you don’t have to search for a WiFi hotspot.
And the versatility is hard to beat. With Word or OpenOffice you need extra plug-ins to do foreign character-sets or spreadsheet functions and graphics are awkward. Not with this text processor. It handles any character-set natively, no fiddling with pesky menus when you want to add a Hebrew or Hindu quote into your Katakana essay. And it does vector graphics natively as well.
As wonderful as it all is it’s a tool with some flaws. Like the spell checker and thesaurus. Try as I might I couldn’t get those installed. Some other features like word-count and paragraph reformatting are absent. And others, like text-justification are not entirely user-friendly, you can get but it takes a lot of training. On the other hand it makes perfect backups as you go.
All in all a wonderful instrument, and when they get those flaws worked out in the next release it’s a world beating text processor.



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