Sick to death of Katy French!

Apologies if the post title is what you would call insensitive but I just have this anger build in the pit of my stomach when i hear about the unfortunate death of Katy French. Now don’t get me wrong i do feel for the family and I hope they can deal with the loss of their daughter / sister but what is the new found crazed fad with jumping on the bandwagon and saying ‘she was such a great role model for young women’?? If you would class battling a cocaine addiction being a great role model then go ahead and put her on the pedestal but what really makes her any different from anyone else who has died from overdosing on illegal drugs?

I mean women (nay – people!) die every day in car crashes / crazy circumstances out of their control / conflict / war and nothing is said or done.

famous for being famous

#end rant


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