American Gangster

Ventured to see American Gangster last night in Movies @ Swords and i wasn’t let down! Having heard much of the hype and heard one or two bad reviews, mostly by famale co-workers who didn’t like the drug/ injecting heroin elements of the film but from the start the film grabs your attention and is a well put together from rags to riches story for a 1960’s Drug Lord, played by Denzel!

This is easily one of the best films i have seen in a long time, especially this year and if you like the Goodfellas / Casino genre it’s a must see! I think Denzel and Russell Crowe gel well together on screen and both storylines keep you interested the full length of the 157 minutes which otherwise would be bum numbing!

Denzel plays a a great lead role as Frank Lucas who is on the rise in the drug industry in New York in the final years of the 60’s and Russell plays a straight laced Narc who’s job it is to being down the major players in the import / dealing industry.

This will definitely be added to my DVD collection once released! A realy good gangster film!


My Rating!


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