Why ARE women’s figures getting so much fuller?

These are the problems that keep me awake at night, and also, ‘how do i get a job in this lab?’

The daily mail goes onto to claim that breasts are getting bigger as the family genes get passed on down the family tree, who should we thank? No , really…

With their dark hair, strong noses and refined chins, it is immediately apparent that women of the Clark family are related. Each is a feature that has been passed through the generations, and will no doubt appear in their children and children’s children for years to come.

But there is one part of their bodies that does not appear to have been handed down the family line: their breasts.

Now i know what your thinking, do i give a shit, well to be honest your right! But maybe its an old thing but having recently attended a school seminar in the Helix (working) i was amazed at the height of some of the kids there from secondary school, whats happening with the generation gap? Will the 80’s and early generations be dwarfed by the naughties exploits?

But big breasts aren’t all they are cracked up to be. It’s true that men zoom in on them, but I can’t wear fashionable backless tops or boob tubes because they don’t offer any support.

My heart goes out to ya…



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