Should i Linux?

Since i can remember i have always used Windows, i have ventured into the unknown territories of Linux a couple of times but nothing got me hooked.

  1. A few years ago the first PC i had was on the way out and i asked a techie friend to expalin and maybe walk me through a RedHAT Linux installation. Now at the time RedHat wasn’t the whizzy-mc-dizzy one cd install it is today and to be honest it was a nightmare, non-win modem, nothing worked and to be honest the only thing that appealled to me at the time was the fact you could have multi desktops!

  2. In the past few years I got the Linux itch again but instead of wiping my laptop and losing my sanity again i installed VmWare and installed a Virtual Machine of SUSE 8.0 and although because it was sharing the piss ass slow system i had with Windows it sucked big time but it did show a lot of potential! I loved the GUI and although i didnt take it out for a spin online it had all the appropriate tools!

So here i am again now, after seeing it over on Seans Blog, the gOS has kinda taken my fancy! It’s sleek looking and light weight and has all the Google Gadgetry that i would need! Now granted that they are all web based apps and i don’t have broadband at home so it would generally be a waste for that purpose but I just feel like i have to move on, i’m sick of Windows crashing every time i connect it up online due to some new worm / virus.

I have a few questions for those in the know!

  1. Does running Linux improve my chances of not getting common virii spyware?
  2. Is pretty much everything compatible with Linux nowadays

So i’m airing on the side of gOS, even though there doesn’t seem to be that much support online for it and i don’t have a permanent connection online…

Your thoughts? Which Linux OS would you reccommend?



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