You wouldn’t give your wallet to a stranger!

The antivirus business is huge! Billions of euro spent on protecting your digital rights, secrets and keeping your from being the next digital victim of phishing, identity theft and fraud. Up to date subscription services come bundled with practically every PC you buy through Dell now so it’s a big cash cow, but it’s a cow that primarily feeds on fear – your fear!

With internet horror stories everywhere about how they can apply for a credit card online using your bebo picture or how they know your mothers maiden name through decoding your Freudian nickname for Messenger, it’s no wonder people don’t want to get caught out but is all this worry really that necessary?

I had to laugh on my way home from work yesterday, tuning into Newstalk I caught a bit of The Right Hook where they had an expert from an electronic security firm on to inform us that simply hitting the delete key or formatting a drive isn’t enough anymore. The same company bought a geansaí load of PC’s at auction cheaply and scanned the information and low and behold they found credit card numbers, PPS numbers dental records and blood types. All the information necessary to actually become someone.

Now I’m not making light of the story, I just find it a bit post-911/esque fear factor for my liking! Last week it’s how they can sell your house with your facebook details and now they want to black mail you with a copy of your emails and an expired credit card on an old hard drive! It takes a baddy turned goody to tell us what the next generation baddies are going to do!

Gone are the days when you would gladly give your credit card over and let them carbon copy it and give it back to you and not suspect a thing! Now its all about shielding your pin and your last three digits of your CSV number and burning your old hard drives etc


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