Carlsberg don’t do dreams…a blast from the past!

I would have been 13 when our house got it’s first computer! Under our Christmas tree in the winter of 1995 stood a couple of large boxes branded Gateway2000. I went to the outlet in Coolock to pick it up with my dad and I remember being excited seeing the grey metal of the PC case through the handle grips. The spec, as I remember,

15 inch CRT Monitor
Pentium 133 MHz Processor
16 Megs of Ram
95 key
33.3kbps Modem
Windows 95
(PAID subscription to the internet)

The one that makes me laugh is that we received a call from Gateway asking did we want to upgrade the 28kbps modem we had chosen to a newer, faster one available and only on the market. Now it might not seem a whole lot to the old techies but in a house where the only thing cutting edge technological was the toaster it was a huge step!

Bundled with it came the usual mark up of Encarta, Julia Childs Cooking CD, IndyCar Racing (that oddly never really worked!). I would spend absoloutely hours on front of the thing playing around with windows and eventually using Frontpage Express playing around making basic sites and playing around with HTML. Several hours-a-day addiction or IRC saw me meet many new friends (online and offline) through irish chat servers #dilbert the now extinct MSN and of late (but not as much due to the social networking sites buzz) #ireland on the Phishy Network!

High points would include buying my first CD-Rewriter and making music CD’s, downloading my first mp3 (I remember which one exactly!) and buying a webcam and being mesmirised!

Low Points would include every second month when the phone bill would arrive and I would have to explain the internet portion! Having the power cable to the PC being cut at times of school exams / misbehaviour / generaly because they could!

Currently props up a load of books in a spare room 12 years later after a few basic upgrades but the glue factory is where it is destined now!


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