Eh do you wana go large on the popcorn?

Yeah we’ve all been drawn into the age ol battle of wits with fucker behind the counter at the cinema, i will order one thing and then you will proceed to tell me im wasting my money and i should buy the large because it’s cheaper – then why the fuck is the option i just asked for on the fucking menu!!! WHY DO THEY HAVE MEDIUM DRINKS!

Well i might have the answer…

POPCORN Low End High End
Profit Margin Profit Margin

Popcorn - Small Size Package 82% 87%
Popcorn - Medium Size Package 88% 93%
Popcorn - Large Size Package 88% 92%
Popcorn - Gourmet Carmel Corn 73% 84%
Popcorn - Gourmet Glazed Corn 85% 89%

I shit you not, it seems that the movie ticket, however over priced i may think it is actually isn’t the money spinner!

When a customer buys a movie ticket, the theater only keeps about 4
percent of the ticket price — barely enough to cover employee
payroll, said Ted Hane, a manager at the Mary Pickford Theatre in
Cathedral City.

The rest of the ticket price goes back to movie distributors, Hane

Popcorn, soda, candy and other concession sales cover profit and costs
of operation, said Michael Bazdarich, director at the University of
California, Riverside’s Forecasting Center at the A. Gary Anderson School of Management…”

Granted its dated 2003 and not in Ireland where they would swipe the ring of yer finger if ya held it out long enough! I remember when it was 2.50 for the cinema and even cheaper if you pretended to be 12 and went during the day, sure they fuckin practically paid you to sit there…



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