Big brother is now singing to you!

Don’t they just think of everything! Not content with having one of the better road systems in the world they want it all singing ASWELL as all dancing!

Motorists used to listening to the radio or their favourite tunes on CDs may have a new way to entertain themselves, after engineers in Japan developed a musical road surface.

In this country we have enough trouble maintaining the public thoroughfares let alone getting the green light to whisper good morning to us as we trundle by on our way to work! But surely there has to be a catch . . . .

But motorists expecting to create their own hard rock soundtrack could find themselves struggling to live the dream. Not only is the optimal speed for achieving melody road playback a mere 28mph, but locals say it is not always easy get the intended sound.

“You need to keep the car windows closed to hear well,” wrote one Japanese blogger. “Driving too fast will sound like playing fast forward, while driving around 12mph has a slow-motion effect, making you almost car sick.”

Ah that’s right this would involve you actually obeying the speed limit!! eh no thanks, since when did anyone get anywhere travelling at 28 mph!



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