Tumbleweeds outnumber punters, as iPhone’s First Night flops

This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest! I nearly bought the n95 in the Nokia series but decided it was far too much for something i could well liberate into a pint! Next on the list of course was the iPhone, i have a nano, it does the job and i like it and i got a try on an iTouch and thought it was impressive but alas couldnt help but think about how my Nokia 6680 has been put through the wars and the thought of all that screen and all those coins / keys…im sweating thinking about it!

After having a quick scout around , it looks like o2 are in the running to stock the iPhone but you will be at least talking excess of 600 euros if the reports are anything to go by. PLUS throw on top of that your signed up for a contract!

I came across o2’s launch of the iPhone in the UK and how a reporter turned up 20 minutes BEFORE the launch and was only a few deep in the que, surely not a good sign at all for the popularity of the much awaited series in the iTunes monster!

The only people who should really be embarrassed are the newspapers and TV channels, who’d convinced themselves a world-shattering event was about to take place.

I heard on a tech spot on Newstalk that the iPhone will not come with 3G onboard so it’s data connectivity will be poor to none which is a slight waste considering the lengths at which Irish Phone Providers are rolling out and marketing their online content…I think il be happy with my xmas present of the N70 and wait for the likes of the big boy phones to come down in price…



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