Would you let your kid Drop LSD on Christmas morning?

Gone are days you could happily swallow a ‘six bricker’ of lego or aimlessly while away a few hours gnawing on the large rubber wheel off a Tonka Truck! Now with all these ‘too much lead’ , ‘not enough lead’ in the manufacturers paint debates i think this takes the eh biscuit…

A popular Chinese toy manufacturer has had to do a major recall of one of its most popular toys after the mix up in the compound make up of the chemical used to seal the toys beads;

The toy contains beads that have been found to contain a chemical that the body metabolises into gamma-hydroxy butyrate (GHB), also known as “grievous bodily harm”.

So when Junior is sitting drooling on the floor on jolly st. nick day and he can’t seem to interpret what the chrsitmas tree lights are trying to tell him in code and he’s got the fuckin munchies..dont say i didn’t warn you!



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