Mary Fitzgerald?

Now i don’t class myself as a trekkie in the slightest, in fact i pretty much hate anything that smells of hairy eewoks or richard dean anderson or characters who’s faces resemble the reproductive organs of the female species but what i am into is creativity ! I’m a huge fan of people who can construct shit out of practically nothing! Pipe-cleaners, copidex, laces…that kinda thing!

I stumbled upon this site dedicated to a loada nuts who actually made a more than life size make Jabba the Hutt! For yee who don’t know he was the one who got to chain up the lovely Princess “wet dream” Leia, but that’s really about all i know about it!

Anyway, back to the plot! Among the tools of their trade were..

  • The skin is “Jet Set” from Joann fabrics. Basically non shiny spandex. I think we used 20 yards of it. Yay for 1/2 off coupons!
  • Assorted lengths of PVC pipe. These are used for the arms, the tail, and whatever else seems good at the time.

And what looks like in the photo’s a lot of wavin pipe, time and powertools! The end result? A large puppet that is currently collecting dust in some 35year olds mother’s basement in bumsville Idaho!



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