Can i have that deep fat fried please?

Now i once heard that you could purchase a deep fat fried donor kebab and use up your average weekly intake of calories by downing the bad-boy! Now some wise guy has come up with the idea to just get your bog standard pizza base and lamp a load of maccie D’s on there for good measure! I’m not gonna lie…it look mc’fuckin lovely

The thing is, I would totally eat it. You would, too, stop lying. The cheeseburger parts, the McNuggets — you know that’d be tasty. The fries might be the sleeper hit. If this thing were in my house, I’d totally roll my eyes and groan and make a big stink. Then my curiosity would get the better of me and I’d sneak a bite when nobody was around. And I mean, you can tell it tastes pretty good.

What will they think of next? Putting bananas in batter and serving it up for a wholesome desert in your local chinese…mank…

Ramsey watch out…



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