Not a lot of the films out now have been floating my boat as of late, both The Kingdom and Rendition didn’t really exceed any expectations I had so I wasn’t going to start getting excited about Michael Moore’s latest flag burning addition to his box set!

The film Sicko (great title by the way) basically has a pop at America’s health care system where if your not insured you dont get health care blah blah blah and without having to go go too deeply into the “plot”, wouldn’t want to ruin it for you! But needless to say Michael and his camera crew wander into middle america to find all the worst heartstring stories about uncle guber was denied a bone marrow transplant because he didn’t sign his surname on the insurance document etc.

In true formula of the Michael Mooresque films he goes North to his country cousins in Canada to reveal how great they are getting on with low gun crime and being able to go to hospital without it costing them an arm and a leg (phwa phwa – had to). Then he globe trots and really sees how bad America have it!

Strangely enough Moore gives out about a doctor in France who seems to be very anti-American but i think this whole film (while it brings welcome attention to the fact that America have gotten something wrong along the way and it is shocking and terrible) is also very anti-American!
My opinion: Does anyone actually care? – Save your 9 bucks on this one and go wait in an A&E waiting room for the hour and half you could’ve been watching this one…

My Rating!


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