Addtive telly or brainless dribble?

What has now become the regular Sunday night is to be completely within inches of death from the night before and to veg on front of the mindless programes they have on telly on your average Sunday night. But along came MTV with their cute mindless model lookalike teenager programmes ALL back to back for pure uninterupted blatant blagging of mis spent fortune on talentless little shites – BUT I LOVE IT!
The programmes I refer to are (in no order of preference);

Newport Harbour (the New Laguna Beach)
The Hills
Living on the Edge

As surprised as I am to say it i find myself drawn to watching all of the above, granted Newport Harbour and The Hils are pretty much rehashes and spin offs of Laguna Beach , the programme MTV kick started all this rich-bitch themed fly on the wall show.
They all prance around looking amazingly hot (even though it is a show full of jail-bait!) and in their pricey BMW’s blowing their parents cash and it just makes compelling viewing!

Kick off starts from 8.00pm on Sunday nights, so be sure to have your prescribed fill of booze the previous night as you will not need a brain for these ones….


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