Tonight will see the arrival of my second lodger. After going through the lengthy process of putting the advert up and mentally getting myself ready to share the house i had three people come out and look at the place and while all of the guys were equally sound it was the one who was that bit cheeky and that bit camp(ish) that was the most positive and asked to move in and with no further advances i decided to go with him.

There are a few points by which im not 100% happy with the guy, not that he’s all bad but..

  • Few half baked comments about the house and the state of it when he came out to look at it! (im the first to admit its no palace but its like slagging someones car, ya just dont do it!)
  • He is a bit gay! Now i mean this in the most non homophobic sounding way possible but just got that buzz about him so i threw in a few ‘my girlfriend’ references to no avail. He works for an airline and is generally a bit camp but friendly i suppose, i could have worse to complain about!!
  • He doesnt drive. Now normally not a problem but i know with the last lodger they have a tendancy of playing on the heart strings looking for lifts and such especially in the winter time. I dont want to find myself being cornered when it comes to lifts and such but i suppose its up to me!

Now i suppose its not all bad, this time i will be spending a lot of time out with the girlfriends and between that and working evenings i wont be sharing too much time with him so at least this time its different.

On the plus side he has gotten on top of me with regards to getting a few bits and pieces done so now at least i know that i will be spending money on getting a few bits and pieces done around the house.

Updates to follow i’m sure…


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