MovieStar dot ie

MovieStar dot ie

I had heard about tesco’s service off a friend of mine in England about the dvd rental and how they post them out to you and you post them back and once you do they take the next film on your request list and send it off to you. It sounded to be fairly decent but didn’t know there was an Irish equivilant.

The other half then said to me about the site and that they ran the same service for 9.99 euros a month, now for that fee you get one dvd sent to you and once you return the one you get sent your next one, there are other packages such as the 2 dvd’s at the same time for 14.99 euros a month etc etc you get the picture…

So I signed up for the service today at lunch time, the site is very user friendly, log in and add them to your list and it seems they post them out to you (fingers crossed!). I signed up through my account and I got 100 piggypoints and a 2 week trial of the service for free. I will keep this up to date on my findings of it on paper it does sound like a great idea and hopefully I’ll keep it going!

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