Cold turkey anyone?

After a heavy christmas and new years and with every danger of turning into a prat with a few drinks installed, I’ve taken to using the ‘know the one that’s one too many’ mantra for my new years resoloution!

I have been off the drink for 15 days now, not one drop, not out in the pub or not sitting at home. Big Deal I hear you say and you’d be right but it’s amazing how so many things revolve around drink! Cinema? Pint Before? Meal? Bottle of Wine, Pint After? Ordering a chinese at home? Few bottles of beer? Work do? Drinks after work on Friday?

Mostly because over the christmas period the drink was turning me into someone I didn’t want to be too easily and to detox and to save the few bob aswell!

Well it’s day 15 and the main difference I can notice would be the morning times, I find it much easier to get up in the morning and I find it much easier to get asleep at night.

Will keep updating to the day that I eventually fail and sip down a cool frothy brew…


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