Insure this…

One of the many bills through my letterbox this month was my Motor Insurance which i had with AXA. I’ve been with them for 2 years now, full license, low engine blah blah blah, now i’m not the prefered age of 25 yet but last years quote of 950 was better than previous years so i stuck with them as i believe in customer loyalty paying off.

This years quote of 892.00 euro was an aul shock to the system to say the least! A measly drop of 58 euro – i had expected it to be around the 700 mark but this was just way off.

So a prompt call to Quinn-Direct and giving them my details, after much deliberation by the guy on the phone. I had a policy with them in my first year but cancelled it due to AXA poaching me with a 2500 less policy!

So the final figure Quinn settled on was 645.00 euro! I mean the difference is just staggering! Not only that but they have a very low interest rate on the direct debit option, 40 quid for the privilege which i will probably go for, just for the lack of hassle involved!

So my advice to Motorists, i hate when people say this but the key to getting the best value for your money is SHOP AROUND!


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