An ode to Google!

It’s not like me to sing the praises for software but I’m a huge fan of googles webmail Gmail. Still in Beta and with over 2 gigs of space for all your junk and a great search feature it knocks the likes of Hotmail and yahoo mail to the kerb!

Now you can access your gmail from your mobile and it’s all simplified for handset and PDA access with the same cool functions only with a minimum bandwidth. On further clicking around on my nokia 6680 they have a ‘faster email’ for your mobile, currently limited to only nokia 6680 but it instals GMAIL onto your phone so you can have a mini application running to check your email, very nifty and very handy!

Worth while giving it a try if you have the Nokia 6680 (Dont know iif it works on other handsets).

Also worth noting is i am on Vodafone prepaid service and just to login and check your mail costs 50c credit…for every cloud, there’s a silver lining that will cost you money!

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