back to blog basics?

Well it has been a fair aul time since i updated this and after experimenting with different pieces of blog software none of which were easily configurable to what i wanted or were hit and miss i decided that this blogspot bit does exactly what it says on the tin! The one thing that is vital to a blog is posting to the feckin thing – laziness is the main reason why it won’t get updated!

Looking over the blog from the start i was tryin to trace what exactly i was tryin to put across but it seems to be a gripe pad for work and everything else going on, not bad at least its real to me, i wont kid anyone, im not a good story / prose writer, i just tend to type straight from the head with no consideration to what tripe im churning out. My main goal would be to write something that people would enjoy reading and seeing and possibly come back to read, this is every bloggers ideal world scenario i suppose. Then you see great blogs like who being the best of the web to you and to be honest everytime i log onto the internet i visit that site, i dont know why i keep going back to it but there is some great writing and where they get some of the stuff i’ll never know!

So i will be aiming to have a blog with a mix of both my personal life and the best of what i find on the web. Also have set up my Flickr account so i will be posting photos too, think this blog software supports the inclusion of flickr too which is dead handy!

No one reads this i know but its somewhere i can vent and ramble on! Watch this space as the fella says!


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