thank crunchie its…

There has been so much that has happened over the week that i didnt add to this that i prob will have to go into the dashboard side of this online and add specific times and dates, or i will just leave as is and just continue pottering on.

I’m havin an operation on my nose on Monday morning which sees me out of work until May 2nd so i wont be in work to update till then, i spose i will try to get connected somehow and update as i go. Im not really looking forward to going into hospital at all, they just freak me out. I’m having the inside of my nose reconstructed to fix the break at the top that is blocking off one of my nasal passages. My sinuses are effected but the top man reckons once this is repaired the sinus’s will sort themselves out.

I’m hopin it will improve my breathing ability too, for running and training…ya never know i could be a new man after this!

I’m also looking at setting up my own blog system, when i say my own, i obviously will be using WordPress and setting it up on my hosting and posting by email. It just means i have more control over the look and the things i can put up on it. The old blog system i had up just was to incorporate into my site which was a very basic server sided piece of software. WordPress has a lot of extras you can use with it and a bit more functionality, I’l try get that going over the few days im off.

Will try to hit this up before i leave but am busy enough….sure ya know yourself…


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